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Fresh Start Academy Middle School

Fresh Start Academy is committed to the idea that all students can and will learn.† We provide an environment designed to provide at-risk/disruptive and disaffected students the opportunity to meet their academic, social and emotional needs. The program design enables students to experience academic success, improve adverse behavior, decrease the failure and drop-out rate, and increase the quality of interaction between students and adults. The staff and administration will remain persistent in building self-esteem while fostering academic achievement. †

The staff and administration in Fresh Start Academy understand that providing a school environment that is safe, nurturing with consistent, clear, well-defined rules, expectations, boundaries and consequences, our student behaviors can and will be modified to a more socially desirable way of behaving. Our behavior management program is a strength-based approach designed to empower students to make healthy choices and assume increasing responsibility for their behavior.

The Fresh Start Academy's school-wide behavior modification plan utilizes positive behavioral reinforcement techniques and concentrates on identifying student strengths as a means of building upon their positive attributes, qualities and characteristics which ultimately decrease inappropriate, disruptive, violent and aggressive behaviors.